Sunday Worship held on the following schedule:

  • Every first Sunday of the month - 11:00 am
  • Every other Sunday - 9:00 am

Easter Weekend Schedule

Thursday, April 14th
5:00 PM

Reading of the 12 Gospels...the Passion of Christ
Friday, April 15th
5:00 PM

Vespers, procession with "Plashchanycia"
Saturday, April 16th
5:00 PM

Blessing of "Pascha" (Easter Baskets) *one time our parish hall, 1770 Centre St.
Sunday, April 17th
Ressurection of Our Lord

7:15 AM - Ressurectional Matins
8:00 AM - Paschal Divine Liturgy
Monday, April 18th
9:00 AM

Bright Monday -- Divine Liturgy

Easter Banquet

Our traditional "Sviatchene" (Easter Banquet) will be held on Sunday, May 7th, after Divine Liturgy, which on that day will commence at 11:00 AM.